State Fair Visit 1!

Jonah's first State Fair Extravaganza!!  (Or at least the first one he remembers!):

Smilin' in the parking lot!  We haven't even gone in yet!!!

Inside and still smiling!

Our first stop: Dinner (Colossal Fried Twirly Potatos smothered in cheese and bacon--we called it Heart Attack in a Bowl!  Jonah called it DEEELICIOUS!)

Butter Sculpture:

Sculpture made out of butter:

More of the Lard Art:

Ah!  Now here's the really important part of the Dairy Building:

Mike and I opted for a different kind of sundae: A Beef Sundae!! (This was such a hit that we recreated it at home and had a Sundaes on Tuesday dinner night: Beef Sundaes for dinner, Hot Fudge Sundaes for dessert):

Dairy Silliness!

The first "ride" of the night: An enormous trampoline at sunset!

And now for the "real" rides!

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